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There's limited space in our beautiful Amsterdam, that's why we transform forgotten real estate into pleasant, sustainable homes and optimize real estate portfolios.

HoogWonen is the only "One Stop Shop" in the Netherlands. We function as a mediator, financier, developer, and contractor. The entire process is worry-free for (sub)landlords/owners. You don't have to do anything and it's well organized, which is amazing!

We generate a budget for sustainability/renovation in order to achieve a higher point score for optimal renting income! If that's not achievable, we split a non-profitable property together. This way, HoogWonen ensures a maximum return for the property owner while adding quality and sustainable homes to Amsterdam's housing stock.

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Portfolio Optimization

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Whether we add a floor, help a building transition from gas- to more sustainable-heating systems, or convert the attic floor into a starter-home. Where there are plenty of options to discuss. For most people their participation and it resulting in a potential pay-out equal to an annual salary is most intriguing, seeing it creates many opportunities.

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How does profit sharing work?

By choosing the profit-sharing option, we step into real estate together. You are assured of a higher return compared to what the market is currently paying.

Of course, HoogWonen takes care of the entire process. From permits, tenant mediation, pre-financing, and redevelopment to the final sale. All you have to do is make the building, the floor(s), or storage available. Agreements are clearly set up and proceed neatly and as it should through the notary.

Profit sharing from a redevelopment project takes a little longer, but patience is rewarded! The final sales price achieved can be up to 35% higher compared to a regular sale to a third party or project developer. With HoogWonen, you share in the increase in value or profit that normally goes entirely to the buyer.

Of course, we understand that in these uncertain times you want to be sure of your money, and you'd rather have it in your account yesterday than today. HoogWonen therefore guarantees a (minimum) market purchase price. And we advance a share of the profit up to €100,000 per floor when the municipality issues the necessary permits.

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Your returns secured in 2024!

Do you, as a landlord, want to get the maximum return on your investment by renting out your home in the free sector from 2024? Then the rental property must score at least 187 points in the Housing Valuation System. This point system not only determines the maximum rent, but also indicates which elements of the home need to be made more sustainable.

To achieve as high a score as possible in the new 187 point count, there are several elements that play a role, such as the size of the house, the type of housing (terraced house or apartment), the living environment and the quality of the house (elevator, fitted kitchen, etc). The most points you can earn are awarded based on how energy-efficient or sustainable the home is. So, climate is number one.

Your score could be increased by up to 40 points. This way, you not only meet the required points for renting in the free sector, but you also make your home more attractive to future tenants and contribute to a better environment. It's a win-win!

Making real estate sustainable is a specialty in itself, so it's advisable to enlist a specialist like HoogWonen. We only work with the most reputable parties and are more than happy to provide you with the necessary information, completely without obligation and with no further commitments.

Take the first step now towards a profitable and worry-free real estate portfolio.

Portfolio Optimization...

Everybody wins...

More and more often, tenants and landlords are at their wit's end. Depending on the energy label, the need is high, and a tenant is left in the cold or burdened with a sky-high energy bill. Both the tenant and the government are pulling the landlord's ear, and even though they are willing, a complete sustainability overhaul of a property is a time-consuming and costly affair. Not everyone has such an amount at their disposal, and there is a lot of paperwork involved in obtaining permits.

As a landlord, you look critically at the return that your real estate yields. Achieving this return from 2024 is entirely dependent on whether you can rent a property in the free sector. However, this is not guaranteed; a rental property must score at least 187 points in the Housing Valuation System. Homes under 60 m2 with an energy label B or lower are likely to fall into the new "middle-rent sector" and will then have a capped rent of €1100 per month, while temporary rental contracts are no longer allowed.

This calls for action, where good advice and expertise are of great importance. HoogWonen is the only "One Stop Shop" in the Netherlands that provides an objective plan of action.

This starts with a non-binding scan of your real estate portfolio, after which we present a proposal. Poorly performing floors of the property can be taken over at a market-conform price. With this obtained budget, you can then carry out a sustainability upgrade without a direct investment or expensive bank financing. This way, you only retain worry-free and profitable real estate.

If you are considering selling the property, choose the "redevelopment" option. Our experts then set to work to renovate floors and make them separately saleable, thus maximizing the sale value of your property. Here too, HoogWonen arranges and finances everything, we even do the mediation with your tenants.

We also guarantee a market-conform initial price, and all profit achieved above that is divided after the final sale. In this way, with HoogWonen, you always achieve the highest possible selling price for your property!

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