Meet the team

Great to have you here! We would like to introduce, and tell you a bit about ourselves!

We believe it is pleasant that you know with whom you will be sitting down. Whether this is at our office or at your own kitchen table. Having a clear picture of who we are, at the personal-or at the organizational-level, is always nice to know.


Head of Operations

As the director of operations, Alon stands at the foundation of HoogWonen and manages many processes within the company. He ensures a seamless transition, redevelopment, and sale. 

When he's not at work, you can find him with his family or friends at a restaurant or enjoying a football match at the Johan Cruijf Arena.



Responsible for the overall success of HoogWonen. With great enthusiasm, he and his team work hard to create as many new homes as possible. Assisting in the resolution of the housing shortage, one home at a time. He is therefore always open to your inquiries or questions and up for a challenge.

When he's not pitching property owners and helping first-time buyers, he likes to put on his running shoes, strap on a snowboard, play board games fanatically, or mess up the kitchen with his "cooking skills."


Head of customer support

The queen of customer service and the communication department, Karina is firmly in control. It is essential for your experience with HoogWonen and therefore for our success. Actually, the gentlemen have little to no say at all. ;-)

She can often be found with her friends or, with her "green fingers," tending her garden . She also likes to be sporty and regularly goes out on her SUP board enjoying the view from the water.


Head of construction/ Redevelopment 

You've guessed it! This man assembles the most complex Ikea packages blindfolded. That's a good thing to have on the team! With years of experience in supervising and managing complex construction projects, your available spaces will be transformed into a beautiful starter home within no time.

Michel and his family recently moved to a new home. He is a big fan of board games and Formula 1.


Head of finance

Our down-to-earth colleague and friend from The Hague keeps the financial domain of HoogWonen in check. And good to know, everything runs smoothly and all the coins end up in the right place. Jean-Pierre is a regular on the football field's sidelines. In the cafe, he throws a sharp round of darts and is known as the Chinese wall in table football.

In addition, he is proud of his new motorcycle. Although getting into the right gear is somewhat of a challenge. Luckily, progress is being made!