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What do we stand for?

Our three elements

HoogWonen starts at the top. With the 'Amsterdammers' of tomorrow! They are the ones that will purchase their first home with our planet's future in mind: sustainable, well insulated and fitted with an electric or hybrid heating pump. This gives starters an honest and fighting chance to secure their future.  Additionally,  we provide a 5 year guarantee on the new home. That seems the most normal thing in the world to us.

How's the house sold?

Never by bidding or closed envelop 

    For a fair price     

By registration at the notary 

 You have a say  in the selection process

The owners…
where it all begins!

You are at the center…

As the owners of attics or storage rooms, you hold all the cards. When you make the choice to participate and help us in resolving the housing shortage, we guarantee a care-free process.

Nothing really changes the first year. Apart from an optional down-payment. Only after the municipality and the notary have approved everything, you will receive the first amount. HoogWonen will even move all your belongings from the attic to the substitute storage nearby, for which we will carry all the costs for the coming two years. We will then convert your storage into a sustainable home. 


Earn up to €100.000,- netto!  

We renew the roof and the stairway!

Your monthly VVE contribution will  decrease

A limitied impact on the value of your  home!

When we do something, we do it right!

Building for Amsterdammers of today, ánd those of tomorrow...

The problem at hand is far from simple to resolve. So we do our best to be part of the solution. And with sustainability at our base, we take an additional step in the right direction.  The transformation makes money available to invest in the whole building!

What is built right now will have double the impact on the Amsterdam of tomorrow. 

Benefits for the planet?

20 tons of Co2 is saved compared to creating a new building! 

The roof and walls are insulated to current standards.

All materials are selected with the planet in mind.

With the money the whole building can invest in a better energy label!